What is tutuporn.com?
We're a VOD (Video on Demand) adult streaming service. We share free videos as well as offer premium videos that can be purchased.
How can I buy a video?
Videos can currently only be purchased with major credit cards (Visa, Matercard, Discover), Bank Account, and Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dai, USDT).

Additionally, Tutu coins can be used to unlock videos.

What are Tutu coins?
Tutu coins allow you to keep coins on your account that can instantly unlock videos. In the future, we will add more unlockable content with Tutu coins. Tutu points have a value of $.01 when comparing the cost of a video to your coin balance. For example, a $1.00 video will cost 100 Tutu coins.
How soon will my video be unlocked?

When purchasing with crypto currency, your video will be unlocked immediately upon successful confirmation of the transaction on the block chain. You will be able to watch the progress on the blockchain in real time. You will receive a notification when the purchases is complete. You can also watch the status of the transaction via your Receipts after making a purchase. Typical transaction times range from 5-10 minutes based on the crypto currency used.

When purchasing with Credit Card or Bank Account, your video will be unlocked instantly with no delay.

When purchasing with Tutu coins, your video will be unlocked immediately.

Where can I learn more about becoming a Tutu model and earning cash on the site?
Please head over here to learn about the benefits of becoming a Tutu model.
How can I become a model?
Please create an account, and then head over to the Model Center to submit an application. We will ask you to provide an ID, and face shot with an ID to prove you are the performer in your submitted content. We usually approve/deny applications within a 24 hour period.